Pittsburgh Property Management

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Pittsburgh Property Management

We're uniquely positioned to advise you on the different components of Pittsburgh property management that maximizes the value of your investment.

Managing your own rental property can be a full-time job where inexperience can cost you valuable time and money. With the right kind of management support from Home River Group, we can manage your property so you turn a steady profit on your rental property. As one of the nation’s leading providers of professional Pittsburgh property management services, we’re experts at helping serious investors like you allocate your time and resources.

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Find Qualified Tenants.

We’ll help you minimize vacancy time and maximize rental income.

Protect Your Revenue.

It’s easy for tenants to pay on time and we take quick action if there’s a delay.

Protect Your Investment.

We include eviction assistance in your monthly management fee.

Safeguard Your Property.

We make it easy to manage repairs and maintenance.

Discover your rental investment’s potential!

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Free Rental Analysis

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Pittsburgh Property Management

Why Invest In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a large city located in the state of Pennsylvania. With a population of 302,407 people and 191 constituent neighborhoods, Pittsburgh is the second largest community in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh has a large stock of pre-World War II architecture, making it one of the older and more historic cities in the country. However, Pittsburgh is also rising as a big name is robotics engineering as it is home to Carnegie Mellon University whose graduate students supported the test debut of Uber’s first self-driving cars. Combine technology in this community with Fortune 500 companies, strong economy, affordable, low cost of living and the drive increases demand for properties in this area. Take a look at the additional advantages below which attract top investors each year:

  • The largest percentage at 26% of property home sale prices range between $121K to $242K.
  • A most popular “types” of homes is single-family homes at 44%.
  • The city has attracted many large corporations which associates with strong employment opportunities such as: Kraft, PNC Holdings, Alcoa Corporation, Plextronics, UPMC, PPG Industries and many more.
  • The greatest percentage at 31% of property homes are 3 bedrooms.
General Investment property statistics below provide a high-level overview of the investment performance:
  • Median Property Sale Price: $135,053
  • Traditional Rental Income: $1180
  • Homeownership vs. Renters: 44.4% vs.55.7% with 13.6% Vacant
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