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5 Tips for Real Estate Asset Management

System - Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Rising interest rates have made the current market conditions challenging, but there's still opportunities with savvy investment strategies. And  once you buy a property you have to know how to manage it.

Luckily, you can become an expert on real estate asset management by following a few simple tips. 

Get started with the top 5 ways to manage your property assets below. 

1. Do Tenant Background Checks

One of the best ways to manage your real estate assets is to protect them from delinquent tenants. And the only way to know who you are renting your property to is to conduct tenant background checks

You will be able to know if your potential renters will pay on time, leave your property in good condition when they leave, and possibly renew their lease according to their rental history. 

2. Streamline Maintenance

Owning property is a lot of work as it requires continuous inspections and maintenance. Finding someone to make the repairs at a moment's notice is frustrating and inefficient. 

Instead, streamline your maintenance requests and normal wear-and-tear by using a professional maintenance service. Your tenant's request will be tracked and completed automatically, so you won't get phone calls from your renters asking when something will be fixed. 

3. Track Housing and Renting Trends

No matter which types of assets you own you need to know when to buy, sell, and rent them. Therefore, keep track of the Sacramento housing market, especially if you plan to sell your property for an ROI. In addition, you want to buy when the market dips.

Renting your property requires you to know when to raise your rent. You never want the rent to be too high or too low as you will either lose money or lose tenants. 

4. Understanding Tenants Rights

When it comes to managing your assets, there are an array of rental rules to understand. These regulations are specific to your city. 

For example, Sacramento, CA has a tenant protection program that limits how much you can raise the rent in a given period, requires proper up-keep of your property, and protects tenants against unjust eviction. 

5. Outsource Your Property Management

Getting help with asset management is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your assets while complying with local regulations. 

A property management service assists with tenant checks, tax filing, maintenance requests, and more. By outsourcing these responsibilities, you can have time to make better investment decisions and further increase your portfolio. 

Getting Started With Real Estate Asset Management

If you are struggling with your real estate asset management then you don't have to anymore. At Home River Group, we can help you no matter what stage of management you are in, from buying, rehabbing, or renting your property we can consult you every step of the way. 

Get started by contacting us today to speak with a qualified consultant.