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Raleigh Property Management

We're uniquely positioned to advise you on the different components of Raleigh property management that maximizes the value of your investment.

Managing your own rental property can be a full-time job where inexperience can cost you valuable time and money. With the right kind of management support from Home River Group, we can manage your property so you turn a steady profit on your rental property. As one of the nation’s leading providers of professional Raleigh property management services, we’re experts at helping serious investors like you allocate your time and resources.

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Find Qualified Tenants.

We’ll help you minimize vacancy time and maximize rental income.

Protect Your Revenue.

It’s easy for tenants to pay on time and we take quick action if there’s a delay.

Protect Your Investment.

We include eviction assistance in your monthly management fee.

Safeguard Your Property.

We make it easy to manage repairs and maintenance.

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Free Rental Analysis

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Raleigh Property Management

Why Invest In Raleigh?

Raleigh is a large city located in the state of North Carolina. With a population of 463,492 people and 100 constituent neighborhoods, Raleigh is the second largest community in North Carolina. Raleigh real estate is some of the most expensive in North Carolina, although Raleigh house values don't compare to the most expensive real estate in the U.S. The real estate forecast predicts Raleigh’s median home value will reach $233,900 in 2019 thanks in part to last year’s 9% income increase. Raleigh’s unemployment rate is 3.6%–lower than the national average of 4.1%. By most accounts, it’s a very good time to own real estate in beautiful, nature-rich Raleigh, North Carolina as it has been recognized in the Hottest Housing Markets for 2019 report and ranks high on the list of American cities with the most sizzling hot real estate markets. Take a look at the additional advantages below which attract top investors each year:

  • The largest percentage at 37% of property home sale prices range between $124K to $248K.
  • A most popular “types” of homes is single-family homes at 46%.
  • The city has attracted many large corporations which associates with strong employment opportunities such as: Lowes, U.S. Trust, Compass Group, Hanesbrands, Family Dollar and many more.
  • The greatest percentage at 35% of property homes are 3 bedrooms.

General Investment property statistics below provide a high-level overview of the investment performance:

  • Median Property Sale Price: $282,237
  • Traditional Rental Income: $1429
  • Homeownership vs. Renters: 15.9% vs.48.1% with 9.2% Vacant
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Why Choose HomeRiver Group in Raleigh

Going with HomeRiver Group for your Raleigh property means you're backed by tons of experience, a broad range of services, and the latest tech. We're great at quickly finding reliable tenants, carefully caring for your property, and ensuring everything complies with the law. We've mastered the Raleigh rental market, helping us set the right rental prices and keep your property occupied with minimal downtime.

Our technology simplifies managing your property and staying connected with tenants, leading to happier tenants who are more likely to renew their leases. We've partnered with numerous trusted contractors to keep your property in excellent shape and affordably maintain its value. Our complete service package, legal diligence, and local expertise make us the go-to choice for property owners looking for first-rate management.

Why HomeRiver Group Is a Leader in Raleigh

HomeRiver Group leads the pack in Raleigh’s real estate market, offering a full spectrum of services from purchasing to leasing, managing, upkeep, and even brokerage. We're the comprehensive solution for outstanding property management across the country. Teaming up with us is easy, effective, and just makes sense.

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Property Management in Raleigh

HomeRiver Group provides full support for rental property owners, including screening tenants, handling lease agreements, keeping properties well-maintained, collecting rent, and managing finances. We follow all the rules to prevent any legal issues. Our thorough knowledge of the Raleigh real estate market lets us set competitive rents, making your property more appealing.

Our customer service is unrivaled. We serve as the link between property owners and renters and manage evictions when necessary. Using a property management company in Raleigh can greatly simplify property ownership. We guarantee smooth operations and the best returns while reducing your every day worries.

Boosting Your Investment in Raleigh

HomeRiver Group maximizes your property investment in Raleigh with strategies like targeted advertising to fill vacancies fast, smart rent settings, and careful tenant selection. We ensure rents are collected on time and keep you informed with clear financial reports. Our effective repair strategy keeps your property looking great and tenants happy.

We take legal compliance seriously to minimize risks. By fostering good relationships with tenants, we help ensure longer stays, stabilizing your rental income. Our tech usage makes property management smoother and enhances our service quality. With our deep understanding of the Raleigh real estate market, we devise strategies that increase both your potential rental income and the overall value of your property, leading to a better return on your investment.

Our Property Management Services in Raleigh

HomeRiver Group offers detailed management to ensure your rental property is well-kept and profitable. We thoroughly screen tenants, manage lease paperwork, collect rent on time, and maintain precise financial records. We keep your property in prime condition with regular maintenance and repairs. Moreover, we're serious about following local laws to reduce risks.

We maintain positive tenant relations to ensure a great renting experience and intervene with evictions if needed. By monitoring the market, we set competitive rents to highlight your property. Our tech tools make communication, payments, and important documents easy for property owners and tenants. Choosing us means entrusting your property to experts dedicated to improving your bottom line and making property management effortless.

Searching for Rental Homes in Raleigh?

If you’re looking for a rental home in Raleigh, HomeRiver Group offers an excellent selection of quality homes, an easy online search and application process, and a team with in-depth knowledge of the local housing market. We make renting a home straightforward by guiding you through property visits, lease signing, and ensuring homes are perfectly maintained.

Our support includes rapid maintenance services, ensuring compliance with all housing laws for worry-free living, and providing assistance whenever needed. Our comprehensive service makes finding and renting a home in Raleigh a seamless and dependable process for renters.

Homes for Rent in Raleigh

Finding rental homes in Raleigh is easy with HomeRiver Group. We provide a professional and simple way to look for your next home. Begin by visiting our website, using filters to refine your search, and setting alerts for new homes that meet your preferences. Need additional help? Our team is ready to assist you in understanding the Raleigh rental market and the application process.

Preparing your paperwork can expedite the application process when you've found the ideal home. It's wise to visit homes you’re interested in, see them in person, and read the lease thoroughly before signing. We offer the insights and tools to make your search for a rental home in Raleigh faster and more likely to result in finding the perfect match for your needs.

Discover How HomeRiver Group Can Elevate Your Property

Check out HomeRiver Group's full real estate services on our website. Starting with us is easy, and it's your first step toward boosting your property's potential. Get in touch for customized management, leasing, and more, all specifically designed for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do Raleigh property management companies offer?

Property management companies in Raleigh usually provide services such as marketing your rental, vetting potential tenants, managing lease documents, collecting rent, looking after repairs and maintenance, responding to tenant issues, and handling evictions if needed. Since offerings can differ between companies, it is wise to contact them directly for details.

Why should I use a Raleigh property management service?

Using a Raleigh-based property management service grants you access to their vast knowledge of the local real estate scene, legal requirements, and rules. They are more equipped to promote your property, secure trustworthy tenants, set fair rental prices, and keep your property well-maintained.

How do I choose the best property management company in Raleigh?

Selecting the best property management company requires some legwork—like investigating, reading reviews, seeking recommendations from fellow property owners, and talking to potential companies. Look at their success history, services, fees, and how well they seem to grasp what you're looking for your property.

What legal aspects should I be aware of with property management in Raleigh?

Property management in Raleigh is regulated by North Carolina state laws, which cover landlord-tenant relationships, fair housing, and lease agreements. It's crucial to pick a property management company that's knowledgeable about these laws to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues.

Can a property management company increase my rental income?

Absolutely, an experienced property management company can help boost your rental revenue by setting the right rent prices, reducing vacancy times with targeted advertising, ensuring tenant satisfaction, and lowering repair costs through ongoing maintenance and prompt repair work.

What's unique about the Raleigh property management market?

The Raleigh property management market stands out due to its diverse neighborhoods, each offering different demands for rentals and pricing. As Raleigh becomes more popular as a place to live and work, the rental market keeps evolving, requiring property managers to continuously stay informed about the latest market trends and what tenants are looking for.