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5 Tips Every Accidental Landlord in Phoenix, AZ Needs to Know

HRG Admin - Tuesday, November 7, 2023
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Over 14 million Americans choose to invest in rental properties and become landlords.

Becoming a landlord can be an unexpected journey for many people in Phoenix. Some find themselves in the role of an accidental landlord without ever planning for it.

Are you in need of some great landlord tips? Read on for five insights that can make your job as an accidental landlord easier.

1. Understand the Different Types of Landlords

It's crucial to understand the various types of landlords. Accidental landlords can fall into these categories:

Relocation Landlords

These landlords are often homeowners who need to move away. It could be for work or other reasons. Rather than selling their property, they choose to rent it out.

Inherited Property Landlords

Inheriting a property can unexpectedly turn you into a landlord. Many accidental landlords find themselves in this situation when a family member passes away.

Property Investment Landlords

Some accidental landlords may choose to invest in property but may not have planned to be landlords. They buy properties with the aim of selling them later but end up renting them out for extra income.

2. Develop Essential Landlord Qualities

Becoming a landlord in Phoenix isn't always easy. It demands these key qualities:


Dealing with tenants can be taxing. Property maintenance can be another challenging task. Patience is one of the greatest landlord qualities to handle unexpected situations.

Communication Skills

Effective communication with your tenants can resolve issues faster. It'll also build a positive relationship with your tenants.

Problem-Solving Skills

Be prepared to address various issues that may arise. This could include maintenance requests, tenant disputes, or financial matters.

Organizational Skills

Keep track of important documents, rental agreements, and financial records. This will help you keep everything in order.


The rental market and tenant needs can change. Being adaptable is essential to meet these evolving demands.

3. Master the Basics of Landlord-Tenant Laws

Understanding landlord-tenant laws in Phoenix is critical for becoming a successful landlord. This includes knowing the following:

  • Tenant rights
  • Eviction processes
  • Security deposit regulations
  • Property maintenance responsibilities

Staying on the right side of the law helps you avoid potential disputes with your tenants.

4. Prepare a Full Rental Agreement

Your rental agreement is the foundation of a professional relationship. Your rental agreement should include these important details:

  • Rent amount
  • Due date
  • Security deposit terms
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Rules and regulations for the property

5. Consider Professional Property Management

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your properties? A professional property management company can take charge.

While this comes with a cost, it can free up your time and provide peace of mind. They'll ensure that your property is well-managed even if you are an accidental landlord.

Every Accidental Landlord Can Thrive With These Tips

Becoming an accidental landlord in Phoenix can be a challenging but wonderful experience, even if you didn't plan for it. With these insights, you can ensure a positive and profitable landlord experience.

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